cannot copy why did i get married


:bow:help dvdfabplatium


Will Not Even Start To Copy Dvdfabplat


[QUOTE=dyearg;1999634]Will Not Even Start To Copy Dvdfabplat[/QUOTE]
So do you mean it simply fails to analyze…ie., continous loop?
Assuming PathPlayer is always enabled (default setting),
try disabling PP.

Are you sure the disc is ok? Does the original play ok, fingerprints, scratches, etc.? You could try cleaning it with a microfiber cloth and isopropyl alcohol regardless.
You could also change the following in [B]Common Settings[/B]:
Enable [B]Ignore all reading errors automatically[/B]
Untick [B]Enable read-ahead cache[/B]


solid advice from maineman, as usual. :clap:

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Re: problem with WHY DID I GET MARRIED
this is cdfreaks not the marriage counselor :doh:
sorry cant help you there :rolleyes:


Wish you could!!!

Mine just walked out last week after 36 years…


I copied it with with no problems but it did go real slow for about the first 20% of it.


@ dyearg,

Unfortunately stating “cannot copy why did i get married” is ever vague and doesn’t provide sufficient information. If you anticipate assistance with your problem you are going to have to provide Detailed Information as to Exactly what your problem is.

Example –> What software and version numbers are you using, the complete full Error Notification Narrative and any Error Codes you are receiving and ANY other pertinent information that will be useful for Forum Members to make an meaningful assent to the full and complete problem you are experiencing.



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I used dvdfabplatium to copy why did i get married I had no problems.


Must have pathplayer set to always enabled will not work if set to disabled or enabled when necessary.


I had problems with this movie last week also. I finally got it on the hard drive and it will burn and play fine, but takes forever to burn.


Please do not crosspost your problems. One thread is sufficient, I will merge these threads.


I used DVD FAB HD Decryptor pathplayer disabled, then opened the decrypted file that was created using DVD Fab Platinum burn the dvd. No problems. This seems to be the ticket with Lions Gate films lately. 3:10 To Yuma for example.

BTW I am fairly new to this forum and the related hobbies. I have learned quite a lot here. I also am a huge fan and user of DVD FAB Platinum.

Regards to all who have dedicated their time and made "Club CD Freaks"such a wonderful forum.

Regards also to Fengtao & Co for their amazing software.

Thanks, Green Planet


[QUOTE=alan1476;2000232]Please do not crosspost your problems. One thread is sufficient, I will merge these threads.[/QUOTE]

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yep why did i get married was one i couldnt do eitehr, and i dont wanna here that it coud be scratched up or anything, it was a brand new copy never ben rented out before or anything, plat or gold wouldnt do it and neither would my other program which copied saw 4 wen dvdfab refused to do so…