Problem with webcam the image is very bad

Hi guys, i have a problem i wanted to use my old camera but the image is so riddiculously bad. Here is what it looks like.

(I know the writing is in Polish because i am Polish myself but it shouldnt matter as there is no problems with that.

This is skype. The picture changes when i move the camera around. What you see there is suppose to be my face. I tried playing with the ring on the lense and it doesnt change much. All drivers are up to date it tried to update them but windows says it’s up to date. I’ve also tried settings on skype but it seems like there is no problem with Skype but with webcam as i tried it on chatroulette as well and it’s the same.

Anyone can help?

What is the make and model camera? You are using some version of Windows?

I have a Logitech camera and the software that comes with it allows different resolutions and can switch between standard definition and high definition video. Do you have a particular program that works with the camera?

I wasn’t able to get that picture at imageshack to work by the way. You can post a small picture here in your thread. Click on Go Advanced, then manage Attachments.

I dont have any software for it. I use windows 7 64bit. This is everything i can see on the camera;

“WEB CAMERA F/#2.0 F:4.8MM-OC” To be honest i dont know the make of it because there is no logo on it.

Here is the picture from imageshack.

In Skype, under Tools–>Options–>Video settings, you should see a button under your picture that says Webcam Settings. Have you adjusted those to see if the picture gets better?

Once you get that pop up window for Webcam Settings, you should see several tabs. One is Device Settings. Another is Device Identification, which might tell us more about your camera.

Yes i tried it and nothing happens but again i dont think there are any problems with skype because its the same on chatroulette.

#Thats what i though but all it shows is: USB.2.0 CAMERA.

I’m sorry, but I’m at a loss on how to help beyond that. These were just basic steps, but without more information on the camera, I don’t know how to search for software that might help.

Ok, so i took the camera apart and i figured out that the lense is covered in something. Also when adjusting it i could seen lines that were on the lense. I wish i could clean it but i dont have microscope and equipment for it so that’s unfixable. Another thing, another problem. I got my 2nd camera and the problem with this one is that my windows is unable to find a driver for it so it doesnt work.

Now this is just funny. The make is mikomi but again no model. Its a sphere sort of camera on a tripod. With logo on the front of the tripod.

I dont have the software for it as this camera is pretty old. So all im asking for is help with finding correct drivers. I looked on the websites that sell mikomi camera’s but they dont sell this camera anymore. Also checked google and there is nothing that could help.

Okay so i managed to find out what the model is and im looking for software for it.


Now im disappointed because i couldn’t get any windows 7 drivers for this webcam. The company that made it has not been updating the drivers and i could find the latest ones only for windows xp. So to people trying to run this on windows vista/ 7 or higher dont bother its not gonna work.

I found out that some of the Mikomi webcams were made by Ningbo Ming Jong Technologies. They have three pages of webcams, but none with that model number. They do have drivers available for some of them for Windows 7, but I’m not sure if they will have one for your camera.

You might want to look through the pages and see if you can recognize your camera from the pictures they have.

Yeah i’ve tried it. The camera i have is not there. It’s like 5 years old. It looks like i’ve discovered that two of my only webcams dont work. Need to get a more recent one.

May be time to invest in a new one. My Logitech has been good.