Problem with VSO convertXtodvd


Just tried convertXtodvd, and i’ve got a little problem. In the menu I select Tv-format: pal and I’ve have tried with both ratio 4:3 and 16:9.

But when i burn a dvd, and put in my dvdplayer, there is missing some of the picture on my tv. There is like missing about a couple of inches in both sides, and when on the menu page, there is both missing some at the top and the bottom. Does anybody knows of this problem and maybe a way to fix it. The problem appears when im converting divx, xvid to Dvds

Thx in advance

Thats not a convertXtodvd problem. Most TVs have overscan which crops a little bit of the picture. No way around that problem unless you add black borders in your video.

Go here to read more about overscan in televisions:

If you play it on your computer, you will get the full picture.

There are some test patterns you can use to measure the amount of overscan on your TV here: