Problem with Vobblanker

I’ve got a small problem with Vobblanker. I succesfully followed the guide for adding a menu to the dvd. The menu/video interaction works fine. Only, in my reauthered dvd, I’d muxed the original subtitles plus a few other subtitles. Unfortunately, the resulting dvd which I got from Vobblanker hasn’t really added those streams. They be found when you open a seperate vob file, but they are not added to dvd as whole (= ifo file, I think). Somehow, you can’t exceed the total number of original subtitle streams.
I there way to do it, maybe with another program?


You might want to be posting this in the Video Editing forum, better chance of a knowledgeable person on the subject seeing it (just guessing).
I’m no expert on this but PgcEdit may be what you’re looking for. Lots of various guides available and the program is vigorously updated.

Start here:

Yeah, you’re right about PgcEdit. I also posted a thread on the doom9 forum and I was just given the precise method by someone there. So problem solved! Thanks for your response!