Problem with VOB files

I have been backing up my DVD’s using DVDDecrypter/AnyDVD and shrinking them with DVD Shrink. I have been using shrink to make one large VOB file so I can play them off of my computer without having to play each indiviual part. Now, I am trying to burn them, however, some aren’t allowing me to create the ISO.

I am not sure why they are doing this, but I haven’t changed any of my settings for either shrink or the rippers since I began. One thing that comes up is it says my files are in UDF format instead of ISO9660(I think, whatever the US one is). Some will work, I have noticed that if they aren’t the “full disc” meaning they were compressed to a much smaller size than a single disc, then I can create the ISO fine, however, with ones that appear to be a whole single layer disc, it freaks out and says that the files are too big and the wrong format.

So, is there anyway to fix this, without re-ripping. The VOB’s I have are all completely fine and I have never had a problem with them, until now that I am trying to burn them. I can’t remember any more information as I am not at my computer, but at work, so if there are any questions as to what I have done, let me know and I will respond.


Do you have any .ifo files?

Even if you split the VOBs during the rip - you can still play all vobs using the VIDEO_TS.IFO file. I guess you only made a movie only rip.

Correct, I made a movie only rip. I also do have ifo and bup files. They both are set in the iso when I try to make it, however, the vob does not.

Run the files thru DVD Shrink again and create an ISO file. Use the deep analyse to get the output size right.

When I have done that though I get that it is the wrong ISO9660 type or whatever. If I deep analyse that will go away?