Problem with VLC and Winamp connecting to "Live 365"

Hi folks, I have been trying to listen to radio “Live 365” stations. I first downloaded Winamp. It then told me to download edcast DSP v3 which I did. However, I still don’t know how to connect a Live 365 station to it. I’m using Winamp 5.
I then went to try VLC. It says to copy and paste the station’s URL in their URL box. I did that with a couple of stations, but those didn’t work. I have the 365 Player, but a few stations stop working after a while, even when I play the stations on the “Online Radio Box” site. I just come into the room after I hear it stop and it shows the stations on. However, I have to click the OFF button and then click the Pay button. Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks, ptfitzy

in your Winamp or even in VLC - Open Network stream and paste this sample url :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for your reply.
OK, what you gave me works. I can’t figure out how to add another station such as “RichBro Radio”. What in the https: is constant or that I always need to put in VLC that doesn’t change?

you need to capture the hash value. let say for Richbro Radio that you gave me. The playable hash value for that ishash :

you can use either of that cached value at a given time…that is protected and it changed every

OK. I’m still a bit lost. On the first station you sent, how do I find the hash for each station? The two you gave me are so different. How did yo figure them out?
Sorry having trouble understanding. I see what you type as far as “net/” which stays the same.