Problem with Vista

Sorry to repeat myself and hope someone can help me please. Thanks for your help Chollo-will see what else we can find out hopefully…
I have Vista which says that the file is empty when I try to view my photos which I had professionally burnt, by Rabbit Photos, to a CD from my camera memory card. This played without any problem when I had Windows XP and I have gone back four times to Rabbit Photos and they explained what I needed to do to view the photos on the disc. I cannot get it to work! Please, any suggestions??
thanks heaps…:bow:

What software did you use in XP to view the pictures?
The default fax/picture viewer in Vista should work.
Can you see the files in windows explorer? if not then that would explain your problems.
Are you using the same dvd/cd drive or is it a different one? Some drives are better at reading burnt discs’ than others.
You could download isobuster and try that.

Thanks for helping wedoughie,
sorry but I can’t remember what the software was in XP. I just put the disc in the drive and waited while it did ‘it’s thing’. I remember being prompted to choose different options of viewing and I just clicked onto the ‘open to view’ bit and voila! there it was! Really didn’t have to go anywhere special, it just all happened. When you say ‘see the files in windows explorer’, not sure what you mean, sorry?? And yes, I do have a differnt burner-happened when they changed the pc to Vista. I am going to the computer place that did the work with my Rabbit discs to see what he does with them in Vista…maybe that will help I hope.
I get this prompt about auto player…when I open it there are all these options to play or view different things and I ticked the windows explorer to view photos/files etc.but still nothing…

I would be real interested in angie.j posting what the computer place that did the work with the Rabbit discs does to make them work with Vista.If you do get a solution from them please post it.

Going there on Friday and if I hopefully find out the answer I will definately post it.
Fingers crossed…:slight_smile: