Problem with Virtual Drive under XP

N00b, coming through.

I’ve got a small problem with virtual drives on my WinXP.
The virtual drive isn’t shown under ‘My Computer’, but it IS detected in the device manager and disk manager.
I’ve tried CloneCD, Nero 6 Image Drive, Alochol 120% and Daemon tools, and neither solves the problem.

I have ASPI drivers installed, no services related to Virtual Drives are disabled (although I cannot be sure of that; are virtual drives deoendent on any system services?).

Device manager detects all the drives, the SCSI controllers and PnP BIOS extension is in place.

I am able to mount images onto the drives through Alcohol, but it still isn’t shown in ‘My Computer’, and auto-run fails to detect it.

I’m running WinXP Home Edition, SP1. I have Intel App Accelerator (I think it can cause some problems according to the forum archives), ASPI 4.71. Running 2 hard drives, and two CdROM drives.

I found a similar problem previously posted in the forum ( ), but there doesn’t seem to be a solution.

Does anyone know of a possible solution to this? Any help is appreciated.


Possibly sounds as though your virtual drive hasn’t got a drive letter assigned to it.

Try from control panel,

Computer Management under Start/Administrative Tools
Open Disk Management under storage.
Right click on virtual drive and open Change Drive Letter and Path If you are now sure which one is your virtual drive then put cd’s into your real drives to find out.
The current drive letter will be highlighted, click the change button if a letter is in the box and add if nothing is in the box. Assign the drive letter try somthing like z so it is out of the way letter wise.
Hit ok untill you are out of control panel.
Start up alcohol for it to reload everything.
Check explorer.

Hope that helps. Come back again if not.

I have a similar problem, except I know how to add assign drive letters and stuff. It’s just that there aren’t any drive letters left to assign for me. So I have the maximum ammount of virtual drives with drive letters then I have like 8 virtual drives that won’t function because the lack of a drive letters and if I attempt to assign it a drive letter there aren’t any left, so windows doesn’t recognize the drive only alcohol 120% recognizes it.

PS: If anyone has the NARS blacklist patch, alcohol 120% unoffical unsupported patch. Could they contact me and see if it would be possible to upload it somewhere so I can have a copy, cause everything I’ve found out about getting around black lists have failed.

If you are using that many virtual drives then you must be using a registered version of Alcohol.
You can get access to NARS Blacklist Fix in the Alcohol Customers Forum.

i know this is an old post but im having the same problem, sorta.

im using alcohol 52% and it was working fine for the past 2 weeks or so and then today it just all of the sudden doesnt show up in my computer any more. i have tried uninstalling and reinstalling 52%, i even uninstalled and searched through the registry and removed all the alcohol entries.
i have gone into the disk management and tried changing the drive letter, i even tried uninstalling the driver from there as well for the virtual drive. i can not get it to come back up.

does anyone have any idea how to get my virtual drive working again? this is driving me insane!

Can you either post or PM (to either myself, zamiell or robbo) a complete system report from within Alcohol. That will aid us in figuring out the problem. If you don’t want to use this board to post or send the sysrep, you can use the trial support forum on the Alcohol site (assuming this is the trial or free version) or use the Contact Support page to send the sysrep directly.

thanks for the reply, magically it decided to start working again. i uninstalled it, restarted a couple times and reinstalled it then restarted again and it decided to work…