Problem with viewing photos on CD

When I copy jpg photos to a CD on my computer, most other people are unable to open or view them on their computers. If fact, most of the time, the CD will not open, and if it does, the photo files are not visible. My Dell (WinXP) uses Sonic DLA to format and write (?) the CD. I even click the “make compatable” button before ejecting the disc. I am able to view the photos again on my own computer, but most others cannot.

Am I doing something wrong? Do I need different software?


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The problem is due to the DLA software. All packet writing softwares are deadly buggy, and caused a lot of data loss to many users.

My suggestion is to get rid ASAP of that evil software and use a regular burning software to write on your CDs. There are many burning softwares available, some free (like the excellent ImgBurn for example).

Yes, that is the only suggestion that works! :clap: