Problem with video playback in IE (uncommon question)

This whole thing is a special solution and very uncommon since nobody uses IE as a video player afaik. But it’s a big problem, does anbody know a solution??

I have this .htm-file next to an MPEG2-file called “Anyvideo.mpg”:




<TR><TD><IMG DYNSRC=“Anyvideo.mpg” LOOP=“INFINITE”></TD></TR>



The video plays fine in IE8 under Win7 when I click on this .htm-file. It uses the default MPEG2 decoder that ships with Win7. But it uses some low quality video renderer (VMR9, VMR7 or one of the even older Video Renderers). This is because the EVR is set to a very low merrit by default.

When I push up the merrit of the EVR to a very high value, other video players perfectly connect to the EVR instead of older renderers when clicking on the video directly. But then IE stops playing the video when clicking on the .htm-file. It does not connect to the EVR and stays black.

Is there a solution? How to make IE8 use the EVR under Win7??

Many thanks for reading my question.