Problem with Verbatim?

I’m having this weird problem burning Verbatim 16x dvd+rs. The beginning of the spindle was great… no complaints… UNTIL for some reason the majority of the discs now are failing to verify. This is in a 100pk spindle (purple) mcc04’s

This makes me so aggravated, I thought it might be my burner which is relatively new (samsung sh-s203n) but I’m leaning towards crappy media. However, I’ve never had a burn failure on any other media, yet. Oh jeez, what to do… months after purchase and more than half the spindle consumed… ?

Do we have to dig deep into spindles and find out if these bastards are ripping us off with defective media mixed in? Since hitting the 50% mark, I’ve had to throw out about 12 discs because I’m backing up data… not making movie discs… and the verify is important. Is it possible nero is making false positives on sector verification, because I’ve had the opposite occur on me with my nec 3500… where the data verify was successful, yet the discs were s__t & could not pull the data back… then again that wasn’t with verbatims.

I bought verbatims, because I read so much good stuff about scans being in the 100-300pif range which is good compared with other brands in the same price range. Now, I have to scratch my head & say is it worth it, if I can’t get 15-20% of the discs to do proper data backups? For important stuff, I do make redundant copies… but I won’t tolerate bad burns. I’m inclined to throw those away.

You mention the discs are being used for data backup, what speed are you burning at?

I never verify, and none of my backups (movies, data, also the same on non-Verbatim discs) have let me down yet when I’ve tried to retrieve the data. Of course, I may be just lucky.

Also, do you have a decent scanning drive, or maybe still have the NEC so that you can run TRT tests on the discs?

Having said that, is it just this one spindle causing a problem?

tmc8080: are you able to burn media or other brands with no problems?
Maybe the drive is defective.

For verifying, I would only use Nero CDspeed and the Transfer Rate Test. Don’t use the burning program’s verify option. I wouldn’t trust it. You may be throwing away good discs.

I also want to know what speed you are burning at.

[QUOTE=cd pirate;2074857]Don’t use the burning program’s verify option. I wouldn’t trust it. You may be throwing away good discs.[/QUOTE]

Agreed…happened to me a few times back in the day. Also had stuff that passed the verify, but the disc was trashed when it came to copying the data back.

If you get a burn verify failure, immediately cold reboot your computer. Sometimes, there can be a temporary hardware or communication glitch that can cause that, and a cold reboot (shutdown, wait ten seconds, then turn the computer back on) can often clear that up.

These are all good suggestions. To reply to some of your questions:
I’m burning at 16x, however I don’t think speed matters here… can as easily get the same result burning at 8x (albeit, less likely). My HD is a 250gb Maxtor sata (main drive) as my source, AMD 3200 1gb ram under XP & all latest updates. This is the thing, I mostly have verbatim dvd+rs… although I have a few other branded media. Sofar, only the verbatims have done this (verify error). I have cold booted the system and FYI, when burning… that is the ONLY app running, so we’re not hogging resources with web browsers, and other nonsense.

How does one tell if the drive is defective? I’d really like to know a foolproof way of figuring that out. Yes, I still have my NEC 3500… I could burn a few discs with that drive and see what the deal is… maybe my Samsung is developing a Verbatim allergy (ha-choo).

Is there a better program than Nero to do data backups which have a verify which can be trusted? For years CDRWIN was the word on cd-r backups… Once DVD media authoring and additional apps started becoming relevant, Nero took over. In one way, your right… I should shut off verify & do a manual data recall… in the good old days of copying floppy discs, the data sector verifies could be trusted, these days bits are not as secure because there’s a whole lot more of 'em and the programs entrusted to do data integrity checks are getting sloppy IMO.

[QUOTE=tmc8080;2075495]Is there a better program than Nero to do data backups which have a verify which can be trusted [/QUOTE]

IMGBurn or Roxio Easy Media Creator.
But as cdpirate said, I would rather use Nero CD-DVD Speed’s TRT test for verification.

Yep. A Transfer Rate Test - performed on the NEC drive if possible. Not the Sammy because it’s too good a reader and may possibly overlook any errors. :wink:

Use nero cdspeed. It’s a completely different program and it’s[I] only[/I] used for benchmarks like verifying discs.

Btw, there is a massive difference between 8x and 16x. 8x is far more reliable and has a 99% chance of making a better quality burn than 16x. The amount of coasters you will make burning at 8x are almost non existent.

Use ImgBurn to make an image and that or CD-Speed (new version called Disc Speed ?) and then CD-Speed to test the disk back. I use a low and high speed quality check and a TRT in my NEC.

I dont think I can get better results, I use MCC (verbatim) media and burn at 4x, I understand many think 8x is fine (I did for years), but I get Jitter levels within 0.5% I have yet to see an 8x burn do that more than 1 in a 100. So it takes 14~15 minutes (then twice that to test) my data is worth that to me.

As for the verify check its about the lowest level that a check can be, and just checks back that the data that was put on to the disk is the same as what was given, no quality of the read, just that its there, and as this is digital its almost a given that it [I]is[/I] there.

…and for you media I was in a shop the other day to see the sun streaming in thru the windows and heating up one side of the rack of CD/DVD media …nice.