Problem with verbatim dvd-r +r's

I bought a couple of 25 pack spindles of verbatim dvd+and -r recording
dvd’s. I bought them out of curiosity just to try them out. I had had,a couple
of skipping problems with some of my back ups on some of my dvd players.
Since then I bought some sony dvd+r’s and with the new version of dvdfab I haven’t had any skipping problems. Okay so to the point the
verbatims will not work in my dell computer burner,but they do work on
my MAGANAVOX dvd recorder okay. So my problem is there any way I
can get them to burn on my dell dimension computer dvd drive.
Thanks ZAP.:rolleyes:

I have a dell dimension DVd drive & for me the verbatims burn fine ( both +R & -R ). I’d contact dell support if your dell is still under warranty.

This may be a firmware issue as well…have you checked to see that you are using the most current firmware for your Dell burner?

locoeng has a good point. also you should know the routine by now.:slight_smile: what is your burner brand and model? (probably LG something) and what speed are you burning at?

firmware from codeking post for LG burners.