Problem with Verbatim dvd+r dl

Hello I have a BENQ DVD DD DW1620 BURNER. I normally use
the verbatim media code MKM 001 from walmart and they work fine. I went to best buy and bought a 5 pack of verbatim dvd+r dl and they dont work. I thought verbatim are the best. I used nero speed to check the media code and it is MKM 003. Can someone tell me why these set of verbatims dont work?

Well, are you setting the booktype to DVD-ROM? What are you burning (ie data, movies, videogame backups)? Are you using a different DVD Player? There are a whole bunch of variables here.

My Booktype Setting Is Dvd-rom. Im Backup Up Game Images Using Img Burn And Nero. Img Burn Keeps Telling Me It Cant Lock On Calibration With The Media Code Mkm 003. The Media Code Mkm 001 Works Ok. Why Doesnt The Media Code Mkn 001?

MKM003 is 8x DVD+RDL, which wasn’t out when the DW1620 was released. Have you updated the firmware on the drive?

Im running firmware version B7W9. Is their any firmware later than that?

MKM 003 is not supported by any 1620 firmware. B7W9 is the latest. Always remember to by media that is rated at the same speed as your burner.

Thanks for the info. Is there a list of all supported dvd+r dl media for the 1620 online?

You could try replacing MKM001 in the firmware table with MKM003 with MCSE. That might let you use the MKM001 strategy on MKM003.

Good Idea. That is probably the best thing to do in this situation.

trugamer79: Download MSCE from cdfreaks and open the B7W9 firmware file with it. Replace the MKM 001 code with MKM 003 (do this by replacing the 1 with a 3 in the ‘Ext.’ box. Save the firmware and flash the drive.

If you ever use any MKM 001 discs you will need to flash back to the original B7W9 firmware.

The list of DVD+R DL codes is as follows:

CMC Mag D01
Infome D01 :Z
Philips CD2
Philips PD2
Prodisc D01 :Z
Ricohjpn D00
Ricohjpn D01
Ritek D01 :Z :Z :Z

Is CMC MAG D01 made with Azo dye? If yes, is it possible to change MKM 001 into MKM 003 and CMC MAG D01 in MKM 001? (I’m not sure about the results though)

i can’t find the link for where i got this (can’t find it now on, but here’s a list of supported media for the BenQ DW1620

DW1620 supported dvd media list.pdf (20.9 KB)

OK here’s some FAQ i found at
less detailed i think.