Problem with Verbatim 40x12x48 and Nero


I am having a very strange problem with my Nero and Verbatim burner. Any help is greatly appreciated.

I can select files and initiate the burning process without any problem. Burning speed is not bad as well. I see the red and orange lights blinking in my burner, so no problem so far.

At the end, Nero tells me that my CD was successfully written, and it ejects the CD. However, I check the bottom of the CD and it looks like a brand new, unused CD. I have 1 DVD player and another SCSI CD burner on my system.

I check to see if I can read my newly written CD in the other drives, and there’s nothing at all!! The CD drives cannot even read the CD. I did this at least 10 times, and result is the same. I tried burning a CD with Roxio on my Verbatim drive, and it I have the same result. Roxio can burn CDs successfully in my other Sony CD-RW though.

Does anyone know what’s going on? I would blame the Verbatim drive, but I was able to burn many CDs successfully previously and now it started to act very strangely!

Thank you:(

Is the CDR disc still blank after the failed burn?

In other words, is it still recognized as a blank, unused CDR if you try to burn it again?

This certainly seems to be a hardware failure. If you have the opportunity to try the drive in another computer, that would be a good test to see if it also fails in a different environment.

If the drive continues to fail and is under warranty, I would return it. If the warranty is expired, you could try cleaning the drive. This will sometimes revive a drive behaving like yours if the laser beam is blocked by dust or crud, etc…

You can find cleaning help at How to Clean Your CD-RW : a step-by-step guide with pictures!
and Simple Recorder Maintenance - Lens Cleaning and Lubrication.


In fact, the CD-Rs that I use become useless: they are not blank anymore, and they cannot be read by any CD drives either. I think it copies some data in them, but not sure what.

When I insert the same CD and try to burn some new data, it says the CD does not have sufficient space. In fact, I saw the same thing happenning when I insert a totally new CD as well.

Can it be that the application may not be finalizing the CD by default?

Thanks a lot for the help…

You’re welcome. :slight_smile:

Originally posted by hakway
Can it be that the application may not be finalizing the CD by default?

Not likely, if you are using the same burning application with the Sony and it works with no problem. If you are buring in Disk at Once it should finalize the disk at the finish of burning.