Problem with vantec nst-525u2 & lite on 160p6s &Sony DRu-810a

I recently bought the above inclosure and put the liteon dvdrw in it and everytime I go to burn a dvd it says device not ready and will not burn just everrors out. I am using the latest vrsion of nero. It will burn cds just fine. But will not burn a dvd no matter what speed it is set at. I borrowed a friends sony and tried it and still get the same thing, Both burn cds but will not burn dvds. The enclosure has the ali chipset. Any help would be greatly apppreciated even if I have to buy another compatible burner that would be fine since my laptop only has a combo drive in it I need some way to burn dvds thanks in advance


are you able to return that enclosure? Ali chipset is crap. Your Litey would work very nice in a Cypress based enclosure.


any recomendations?

About external enclosure?
Try getting one with Cypress chipset. Availability of products based on that depend on the local market.

If you live in the US, then have a look at the Plumax cases. Also browse through “the big enclosures thread” in the optical drives main section. There are links to very useful articles.