Problem with v1.23



hey i first want to thank you for your great program its the best dvd program ever and i can now becos i have tryd everiting but with version 1.22 and 1.23 i have a problem with ver 1.20 al works fine i take always ful dvd and have no problems its always 4.472mb but with ver 1.22 and 1.23 i have always 5.540 wath can by the problem but i still want you wish all the best with this number 1 program thanks allot mate


Are you sure you downloaded your copy of DVD2one from section Download of the website?



Erwin, are you indicating that their might be multiple releases of the 1.23 version, maybe this is my problem also. I have the beta you sent me while trying to fix the memory allocation problem. I will try and download the 1.23


No, but it solved the problem for another user, see this thread



I’ve had a similiar problem as “pat-rules” with version 1.2.3. In particular, I have been completely unable to receive output below 5.65 gb for “Manhunter: Restored Director’s Cut” (region 1).

I tried lowering the output level to a very low 1000 gb, but still received the 5.65 gb output size. I attempted to check for seamless branching or other nonsense in IFOEdit. Even after correcting the original IFOs, and creating new IFOs, I was unable to break the 5.65 barrier. Reprocessing back through DVD2One has only a very negligible effect on final size.

I have been a loyal DVD2One fan since version 1.0.0, successfully creating nearly 200 discs. Only since version 1.2.3 have I had any problems with file output size. Fortunately, I have found work-arounds for the other problem DVD’s (such as “Terminator 2: Extreme Edition.”) The only difference I can see between this and other discs that I have processed is that “Manhunter” was recorded with the new “Divimax” format.

Any suggestions?

(With few exceptions, I use DVD Decrypter in file mode, DVD2One, and Nero to burn.)



Me again. I failed to mention in my last post that I use variable ratio and movie-only mode.



Hi Jeremy,

Just send the original disk to me, and I send a copy made with DVD2one V1.2.3 back to you … :slight_smile:



Originally posted by evdberg
[B]Hi Jeremy,

Just send the original disk to me, and I send a copy made with DVD2one V1.2.3 back to you … :slight_smile:

Erwin [/B]

I’ll bid TWO copies for all originals sent to me (as long as you pay shipping, and the original comes with intact packaging)…
I need more originals!