Problem with updating firmware via eathernet connection

Hey there, i have the model SA-BT200 which is the blu-ray home theatre system. As it only has an eathernet port and not wifi (which i think is so stupid!) i’ve been trying to update to the latest firmware version by using a long cable from my player to my modem. For some reason the firmware update always fails. I always do a connection test and it always says “OK” so i don’t understand why it keeps failing? Any ideas guys? I really need the latest update.


Hi, I may have a similar problem. Am trying to update my firmware on sa-bt207 via ethernet. Downloaded no problem from the internet, but the player has been flashing “please wait” for over 4 hours now. I can’t even turn the damn thing off.
Dunno about anyone else, but so many things I buy just don’t seem to work properly these days. I wish manufacturers wouldn’t release half-assed and unreliable products onto the market.