Problem with UDMA2 @ PX-708A

how should i handle it with the plextor support?

By all means!

Just contact Plextor support and tell them your drive only works in PIO mode but not in UDMA mode 2. Mention that you tried the driver in two different systems with the same results.

Use DMA jumper and do it on another computer ,is the problem still there?

The only answer from the support i got was that i should test the drive under the secondary ide mode and with or without the IAA drivers. meanwhile 6 days past…i havnt got any answer yet, im a bit pissed. what should i do!!!

If you’re in the USA call the tech support line. You’ll get results much quicker than emails.

germany here :confused:

Btw: NO CD/DVD device should be connected to the controller operating in RAID mode .

I had this exact problem with my original 708A which was revision #0000 written on top of the drive. I was also working fine in PIO and it took me many months to determine that it was my not my software config. After failing the self-test with a Taiyo Yuden(spelling) i called plextor to try and set up an RMA. When I got my new drive, plugged it in and I was burning at 8x. Couldn’t believe i went near 6 months with a defective drive; although it was useful in PIO, just really slow. My guess, if you’ve tried all the stuff to force it into to DMA with no luck; you probably have a defective drive as I did. I was able to get it into UMDA-2 under the right circumstances and my pc would just hang as you mentioned. Good luck, hope this helps.