Problem with udf dvd

Hi, I’m trying to write a file larger than 2gb to a dvd compilation, so nero said I shpuld choose the UDF format. So I did, DVD-ROM (UDF), no multisession, physical partition, 1.02 UDF version. It writes the disk ok, it verifies it ok, but I can’t read it in windows. Nero or Isobuster are able to extract data from it, and Nero Infotool says it’s “open, not closed” disk.
the media is 8x dvd+r Traxdata (ritek 03), the most annoying part is that when I use the same settings on a 4x dvd+rw Traxdata (ricohjpn w11) everything works just fine? what am I doing wrong?

Speed and QUALITY of the media. Try Made in Japan 8X DVD+R media from Fuji. On sale at Best Buy for $20 (50 pack).