Problem with TYG02 DVD-R & LG4163B

I’ve just bought some Verbatim 8x DVD-R media & it turns out to be TYG02 and Made in Japan.
I thought Great.

However, burning these at 8x on my LG4163B with A105 firmware gives appaling results. But on my Benq 1620 they’re pretty good.

My LG still produces great burns on other media & I’ve seen disc quality scans with this burner & media which are excellent.

So what’s wrong?

First scan is the LG burn & the second is the Benq burn.

Any views etc are welcome.

Perhaps a drive lubrication is in order? I think Xterminator had similar problems with his 4163B and a lube job brought it back to its old self, if only for a while. I think the lubrication oil or grease he used wasn’t quite up to the job. Something like reel lube would probably be best, I suspect.

Yes I read that & saw that it was TYG02 media in his before & after scans but mines fine on other media so I figured that wasn’t the problem.

Would A106 be any better?

Makes sense. Btw, the PIE levels in the scan of the burn with your 1620 have a tad bit too many spikes for TYG02. I don’t have a 1620 but I do have a 1640 and TYG02 burned on that has lower PIF levels and much more even PIE levels.

As for A106, I’m not sure. The official changelog mentions only an improvement in 16x DVD-R burn quality. Of course, they might not be telling you everything. I haven’t burned any TYG02 with A106 yet, so I can’t vouch for it based on personal experience either. However, I never had a problem burning TYG02 with A105, so I don’t see why it should be giving you problems. My scans of TYG02 with A105 are a lot better than either of your scans above.

Here’s just a burn of TYG02 w/A106.

Sorry to see TimC has the same problem I had, or better: have. After the lubrication trick that Karangguni mentioned, my next few burns were OK, but then I had another couple of bad burns with my LG 4163B.
Next, I discovered that I was still using a custom firmware with swapped TYG03 writing strategy, so I changed it back to standard A105. This also seemed to help, but a few burns later, same old problem.
My LG 5163D (with A104) seems to do slightly better, but not as good as my BenQ 1620. So I have decided to burn the TYG02 only with my BenQ now. This also gives me the option to burn @12x, but I stay safe and burn @8x.