Problem with TY on liteon 411s

I finally decided to try to use Taiyo Yuiden media on my liteon 411s , because it was strongly raccomended in this forum…
But this is my first burn (at 4x)…it doesnt seem very good.
What should i do?
I brought those dvd+r at, maybe my burner has some problem?

@ dgrey
welcome…back:). Does this disc play on a stand-alone dvd player? If it plays fine all the way through, then it may be a case of the ‘poor-scanning 411’. Many people have had this problem. Nothing you can do about it, just be aware that kprobe won’t be able to tell the quality of the burn. TY discs have been known to be particularly susceptible.

Thanks :slight_smile:
It doesn’t play badwell, but i’m worried because with ritek brand i get way better results…
So it’s possible that only TY disc get unreliable results?
I wanted to know if keep using ritek or this …

P.S i also have the “regular spike” problem when scanning…could this be related?


Use the forum search for “fake t02”, maybe you got some of them. You should also try to burn them on a different burner and scan again.

Nope…they should be real original TY…i brought them in a known site.