Problem with two burners

Lately, I have had a problem which occurs after rebooting, both of my cd burners do not show up in windows, I can see both in cmos when it is booting up, sometimes I have to reboot several times and other time I go into device manager, which only shows one burner, but notes there is a problem so I update or try to update the driver, it says can’t find it.
Now under hard disk controllers it shows that the standard ide/esdi hard disk controller also has a driver proble.
The strange thing is when I update that it gives recommends the acculogic driver, and this I have never seen before, other times it will give an option for another driver and all is well. I then will play around with the drive letter which will work until the system has been rebooted. My question is is there something that may be changing my registry?

Burner #1 liteon 48125w- master
burner 2 is a plextor 8x -slave

I recommend removing all cdrom and controller drivers , then reboot the system and let the system “rediscover” all drivers.

Make sure you enable dma on all devices before rebooting.