Problem with TV series "Supernatural"



When I was using the “clone disc” method with the lastest DVDFab Platinum Beta to copy the TV series “Supernatural”. Well, the first 5 discs could be copied without problems. When I tried disc 6, the program indicated that the burning process was completed, but, the light of my dvd writer kept blinking and I waited more than 5 minutes. The only method to eject the disc was rebooting the system. I can play the copied dvd d/l but I am just wondering that was the copy process really completed or it may caused my copied dvd different or missed somethings from the original? It is true that DVDFab Platinum is not very good on handling DVD disc with data other than just dvd video files in it? :confused:


Did you try checking the “Copy DVD-Video Data Only” box while you’re using the Clone feature? It may help in this case.

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Thanks for your help sarlacc54. I did not try this option because the disc contains many extra items that I want to keep and thats why I want to get a “clone” disc of the original. Seems that some other users also get this problem when the original discs contain data other that dvd movie folders! :sad: