Problem with TSSTcorp TS-L632D (It won't read any DVD)


I am new to this forum but i am looking for someone to help me.

I own an Acer Aspire 5610-4537 and have a TSSTcorp TS-L632D on my laptop. For some reason, after using this laptop for less than a year, it could no longer burn CDs but could still play CDs and DVDs.

Now this TSSTcorp TS-L632D drive can not even read any DVD i put in it. The drive would run and have this clicking sound but nothing happens. When i put a CD in, the drive reads it just fine.

I’ve tried all the steps that is mentioned in this forum regarding this drive but still no success. I don’t think my drive has gone bad because i barely use it to burn nor to play dvd but it really bums me out now that it can only read CD …

Two weeks ago after trying all the different methods that other members has suggested in this forum with no success…i reformatted my entire computer but the drive still only reads CD.

Can anyone please help. thank you very much!

Hi and Welcome!

some questions at first:
The most important one: Is your notebook still under warranty?

Do you have a friend with broadband internet connection and a working DVD burner? If so, then ask him to download a Live Linux DVD image like Knoppixand burn it onto a DVD. Try to boot from that DVD (you might need to change the boot priority in Bios if your notebook doesn’t have a boot menu). If that fails, clean the lens carefully and try again. Still no success? Then claim your warranty.


Hi Michael,

Thank you for your help and suggestions. In regards to warranty, i believe my notebook is no longer under warranty :frowning:
but i will double check tomorrow.

I will ask my friend if he can burn Knoppix like you suggested. I do apologize because i am almost computer illiterate so i don’t know alot of the stuff some that some of the ppl advice in this forum are talking abt.

In regards to the cleaning the lens, if the lens is dirty, how come it still reads CD. And do you suggest any method in cleaning the lens?

Thanks again Michael for your help!!

In regards to the cleaning the lens, if the lens is dirty, how come it still reads CD. And do you suggest any method in cleaning the lens?[/quote]CD and DVD require different laser wavelengths. Some dust on the lens will affect readability then.
For cleaning: at first open the tray and check whether you can see the lens. To clean it, I’d suggest a brush which is normally used for camera lens. Something like this should be available in camera shops.


Hi Michael,

thanks! i will try that first thing tomorrow and get back to you if that helps

thank u

Hi Michael,

I also tried to burn an audio CD just now with windows media player, the process was successful but when i try to play the cd, it shows that there is nothing in the CD. I’ve tried the method of removing the upper and lower filters in regedit but still no luck. I also noticed that before when i used to burn cd or dvd, the little light on the drive would change from blinking green to blinking orange… but now it just display blinking green…

if you have any idea of how to fix this or if anyone has any advice i would greatly appreciate it…this drive is driving me nuts and i am very close to look for a hammer …