Problem with troy



I’ve got anydvd ver and, I have had no luck with this movie .What is going on ? I thought I read somewhere anydvd could smack arccos down?
I’ve had no prob with res evil.Troy has been out for a week and I don’t see any mention.


Troy doesn’t have the new Sony encryption. And I didn’t have any problem backing it up with AnyDVD and CloneDVD It’s probably a bad copy of Troy if you could rip RE.


I tried 3 different Original DVDsand could not back up Troy with Shrink, DVD Fab or DVD Fab Express…al the latest versions. I also had ANY DVD 4411 running. The read always stops about halfway through? In all cases it gives the “cyclical redundancy check” error.
Any others have ahy experience with this movie.


Remove AnyDVD. Download the latest software at