Problem with TMPGenc + DVD2AVI ! I'm desperate!

Hel I’m desperate! I’ve converted many (more than 5) DVDs to VCDs following your guide. Then I read an Afterdawn’s guide that suggested to change, using Option__Environmental setting, the audio engine, using tooLAME as Layer-2 audio encoder and SSRC as sampling frequncy conversor.
Welll, from the moment I changed these setting, TMPGenc cannot load anymore the .D2V project created by DVD2AVI! Even setting back the Environmental setting (use built-in engine for layer II, don’t use layer III, and so on…), or extracting a ZIP backup of TMPGenc on a dir and using it, TMPGenc cannot load the .D2V files created my DVD2AVI anymore!!

Help! I can no more backiup DVDs to VCDs or SVCDs using TMPGenc!!! I’m desperate!!! What the hell did I do? I simply copy the files! Why cannot TMPGenc load .D2V files anymore?

I removed TMPGenc (Pegasys inc.) from the Windows’ registry, reinstalled TMPGenc and nothing! This seems like an account which is expired (but I didn’t install anything except TMPGenc Plus 2.5, which works perfercly). Any suggestion?

For the first problem it would seem that you’ve lost the DVD2AVI.vfp connection. This should be present and checked in the vfapi plugin section of Environmental settings. Reinstalling DVD2AVI might have fixed this.
For your second problem I think more info is needed as to what is happening.

Yes. It was the ‘environmental settings’. I changed the priority to:
Directshow multimedia file reader = 1
AVI VFW compatibility reader = -1
all other = 0
and I solved my problem!

About the other problem, it’s a WindowsXp issue…it’ because I’m ont ADMIN of my PC.
No problem, Luckily 2.5 now goes very well (except for the .AC3 audio loading issue, but I convert it to .MP2 44.1 Hz using BeSweet).