I used the TMPG Enc. to convert an AVI format film to a VCD. At the end of the conversion at about 100% it shows an error message “Invalid pointer position”.
Then i tried to play the video on my PC,the video and the audio was excellent.
But it is not compatible with nero or any other disc writing softwares. I tried the conversion of AVI to VCD again but in vain.
IF any one faced this problem and found a solution pls tell me.
Pls let me know how to remove the error message or tell me a software as good as or better than TMPG ENC.
Waiting for ur reply.


Error messages in TMPGEnc are usually caused by broken/buggy decoders so you might want to update the decoders used for the AVI file.


danne - Thanks for ur reply but pls specify wht to update and how


Sounds like the source is buggy encoded.

Recode it or better use the real source.,