Problem with timer recordings on SonyRDR-HXD710 - insufficient space on HDD



I have a Sony RDR-HXD710 DVD recorder with 160GB hard disc.

I have had this for about a year and it has worked OK until recently. I have a library of family videos on the HDD so there is about 45 GB left.

I also have about a dozen timer recordings of the “every Monday at 7:30” type. These programmes are recorded, viewed later and then deleted. This arrangement worked fine until a few weeks ago.

A few weeks ago the timer recordings just stopped working. On investigation I found all the entries in the timer list had grey symbols (meaning the recording wasn’t going to happen). I chose the edit option for each entry in the timer list just to see what was wrong. When I clicked OK without changing anything it gave an error that the end time was in the past - which is impossible in an “every Monday” entry.

I tried then to create new entries, having deleted the old ones. Each new one gave an error message indicating that there was not enough space on the disc - but it still seemed to accept the entry. But then after 5 or so, all the subsequent ones had the grey symbol meaning the entry wasn’t going to work.

Any idea what is going on?



Sounds like you need to do a couple of things.
Check the clock \ calendar for the correct date
and time.
Delete some things and do a defrag if that machine
has that feature.
If that doesn’t help talk to a service tech. :slight_smile: