Problem with Timed Recording on Lite-On HD-A740GX

I set my HD-A740GX to record a TV program last night that ran from Nov 6, 10PM to Nov 6, 12PM (midnight).

When I got up this morning the machine was still recording so it didn’t recognize the shut off time of 12PM - what did I do wrong - should I have used (Nov 6) 12 AM??? (Think next time I’ll set the shut off time for Nov 7, 12:05 AM!!! - just to be sure.)

In addn to this I have the problem that the recording is now 9 hrs long so I expect it’s a giant file on the hard drive - and I want to be able to copy it to a DVD and then edit the video on my PC - and I imagine it’ll be too big to fit on the DVD+RW. Any ideas on what to do to be able to get this video onto my PC (keeping in mind I only really want the first 2 hrs) …???

You made a simple mistake that has happened to
lots of folks.
Your HD-A740GX did not make a mistake.
It was running the recording until the next time
November 6 at 12 PM should come around.
12:00 PM is 12 NOON not 12 Midnight. :bigsmile:
You should have set your machine to record
from 10PM Nov 6 to 12 AM Nov 7. :slight_smile:
As for what to do with the large recording,
simply use the Edit feature and Split the
recording at the end of what you wish to
keep, then delete the new file being careful
to delete the newly created second title, and
not the now smaller original title.

Chuck44 - thanks for the help.

To avoid any future confusion on timed recordings starting or ending around 12:00 I’m going to use 11:59 or 12:01!

I’m glad I asked my second question since I didn’t realize that I could edit the programs - quite powereful - guess it proves once again that you should read the manual!!!

Sounds like you know the Lite-On HD-A7"X"0GX pretty well. Any insight/advice on ways of hacking into the unit (I know the one for all regions) - I’d love to be able somehow patch into the L-O so I could read the contents of the hard drive through my PC - any ideas on how to do this?

Many thanks and regards.

The only way I can think of would be to remove
the hard drive, then connect it as a slave in the PC,
but that’s not practical. :slight_smile:

Hmmm - pity there’s not an internal connector that could be wired back to a PC. It would be great to have the Lite-On on a LAN network!

I presume from your comment that the hard drive is readable in a Windows compatible format (eg FAT or NTFS).

Thanks for your help and advice.