Problem with Thinkpad 570 Ultrabase

Hi Guys,

I recently bought a second hand IBM thinkpad. It is a 570 Thinkpad Pentium 2 @ 366Mhz.

I seem to have a problem with the ultrabase although the power supply seems to work o.k and powers up the lap-top via the ultrabase the CD-ROM doesn’t work.

Luckily I used the Ultrabase on my brother’s lap-top and that worked fine on mine and I was able to upgrade my OS via his ultrabase.

I checked the Hardware Profile in the System Properties and it says Undocked.

I was wondering if there this was the cause and if so how could I make it docked and active the CD-ROM. Is there something in the BIOS setup that could enable it?

I would appreciate any help anybody can give me.

Thanks in advance.