Problem with The Ring (Region 1, USA)

I was trying to make a copy of this title. I am getting a CRC error at about 44% into the READ process. I’ve cleaned the disc, and it still happens.

The weird part is, if I try & read the disc with DVD Decrypter, it reads & makes the image just fine. Except now I cannot burn the image to a standard DVD-R, because it says the image is too big.

What can I do?

open that image with CloneDVD, since you were able to copy it to the harddrive, then it should be fine for clone

What he said. :iagree:

I did try that. Clone told me the same thing. I wonder what I did wrong… :confused:

Can you tell us how big? you may need to shrink the movie, that’s all. I am using DVD Shrink, some people use Nero Recode or other prorams, your preference …
You can also try and rip the DVD using DVD Decrypter, but this time try File Mode, and maybe the programs you are using today can continue from here.

Are you familiar with the general guides on how to backup Dual Layer DVD, or DVD9, onto Single Layer DVD, or DVD5?

Sounds like you tried running it thru clone on the “write existing data” mode.
Run it back thru the “Clone dvd” so it can recode/compress the data in the file to fit the DVD-R disc.

Yes choose the middle button when you start, you should not get the file is too large