Problem with the Rendition movie

Ok i just downloaded the new Fab version and I’m still having problems with this movie for some reason. I tried with the option to jump to main menu and it works however, when I try it with the option to keep the previews it doesn’t work. Seems like theres a bogus folder in it that prevents you from getting past the previews. Can anyone figure this out? Please help. I went through the forum for help and I’ve tried all the suggestions but I still can’t seem to get the full disc option to work. Thanks in advance. Has anyone told Fantango yet?

yeah rendition sucked for me, rip it with the hd decrypter from dvdfabs website in the free section an burn the ripped file with your fab. should work good luck :iagree:

I finally got it to work. I used FAB version in full disc mode and it copied perfectly. Must be a bug in the new version that causes problems.