Problem with the new Verbatim BD-RE 2x




Today I encounter a problem with new Verbatim BD-RE. As this is my first ever use of BD-RE, I used a ImgBurn to format the disc. The process stucked at 98%, and I left it that way, for some more time. After 3 hours, I decided to cancel the operation. After that, I again use ImgBurn to erase the same disc, and this time it finished with no problems.

I tried to burn disc with full capacity, and at 98% i started to get write errors (Failed to Write Sectors). Than I looked at recording side of disc, and saw the little scratch at the end of the disc. Then I decided to burn disc with less data (<23GB), and everything was OK.

So, just wanted to let everyone know that this things can happen with brand new disc.