Problem with the Liteon 812S drive

I purchased the Liteon 812S drive recently and found the following problem that seems to keep on happening…

I have a number of burned DVD-R discs and whenever I insert them it takes quite a while (30-40 seconds) for the drive to register that they are there and show the contents via Windows explorer.

Upon doing a speed check in Nero the reading starts off at just under 2x speed and then for the first 200Mb or so doesn’t get above that speed. After that it ramps up as usual.

Does anyone know why there is this blip as it’s rather annoying accessing any DVD-R Media - the plus R doesn’t seem to have this problem at all.

I am using the latest ‘official’ firmware from the Liteon site and this is my main gripe with the drive…

Many thanks, Darren

Just another update - the error doesn’t occur with +R media and the -R Stuff is fairly well written.

I have a Pioneer (non-writer) DVD-ROM drive which accesses the -R disks almost immediately, but the Liteon drive just has a hell of a hard time beginning the read… is this a duff drive perhaps?