Problem With The Keyboard!

I have a problem with my keyboard, when I turn on my computer few time later it locks…it seems a kind of trojan virus, which sends a lot of information to the buffer of the keyboard filling it at the top and hanging it…

Please help me if you any time had the same problem, how can I solve it or where can I ask help for it…


It could be a trojan virus, although none come to mind that fill the keyboard buffer, so it might be time to get yourself a decent anti-virus killer. One other solution is that there is a lot of crap under the keys that are making one of keys stick when you press it (thus filling the keyboard buffer) or a paperclip / staple / metallic thing that is making a shorting the keyboard (and 9/10 times the computer well). Just give it a good clean and it should be allright.

Or just buy a new keyboard!!!