Problem with The Good Shepheard



Anyone having a problem with this movie. Chapter 17 is very bad. I’m using Gold version Had to use another program to get it good. When I said bad, I mean shaky picture.


Hi camper, no problems here. Just did Good Shepherd, R1, WS, main movie with platinum v. Chapter 17 is glitch free, as is the rest of the flick. I’m a little late doing my weekly maintenance (including cloning my system hdd) so I haven’t gotten around to installing yet, but I will today.

I doubt this is a Fab problem. Does the movie play ok from the hdd? Maybe you just had a bad burn/flawed blank, etc.?


Maineman, could be what you said, bad burn or media. Let’s see if anyone else has a problem later. Thanks for your reply.


I used version to backup the Good Shepard without the problem you listed above.



Thanks for the heads up. I’m going to get The Good Shepard now, so I’ll let you know. ~ Mike


Hi again camper. Just got done backing up The Good Sheperd. I hate to say it but it went perfectly. I only tried to do it in the main movie mode, but as I said perfectly. What kind of media do you use? I as well as a lot of others use Verbatim. Also, have you tried to do this repeatedly? Does the same error happen at the same place? If so, I’d check the original disk. Could be a flaw on it. ~ Mike


Hi Mike, sorry it took so lone to answer you. I’m using cheap NeXtech blank disks. Have had very good luck with them. Just had this problem with this movie, others have been fine. I also only use main movie.


Did you take a look at the original disk and see if it’s maybe dirty or smugged or not? Also could be a phyiscal flaw too. ~ Mike


There is a possibility either you are using bad media or the good shepherd DVD is dirty or scratched at some point.


Hi camper913 i’m all so now using the nexxtech brand of DVD’s. I got them real cheep $3.99 a pack of 25 DVD’s :bigsmile: I got like 225 of them i did get some bad ones out of two pack’s like (5) so you may get some all so. I see that the dye in the bad disc was not right may be the same for you. What do you want for cheep DVD’s :stuck_out_tongue: You may want to check your main Good Shepheard DVD for any marks. If it’s ok just try to reburn a new one thats what i’v had to do on some because of the bad disc’s.


Camper I was able to copy it with no flaws at all using FAB And one thing about using cheap media is that even though you get a good burn down the road it will fade out on you because of the cheap dye and so forth so if you want your copies to last use good brand media like TY’s or Verb’s