Problem with the game Harry Potter 2 wont play

I have the Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone Pc CD-ROM Game. Version 1.0.

I have had it in my cupboard for about a month, it was brought in a 4 pack that I brought from EB Games that has all the Harry Potter games ranging from 1 to 4 (Up to Prisoner of Azkaban), sorry for any spelling mistakes.

Before I continue, I must say that I know alot about computers and how to store games and how to treat the discs etc, so this is not any normal damage caused by myself in any way, I store all my games in my wardrobe and have for many years and never had any problems with them.

But I just installed harry Potter 2 onto my computer and it isntalled perfectly, the CD key and also the registration all worked great, as expected.

But for some unknown reason, when i first started to play the game I got one of those common Microsoft error pop ups that say this program is not responding and needs to close.

I clicked the little link at the bottom for more information and I got some DLL error. I didn’t write down the error itself but did a search on my computer for the DLL file and no results showed up.

To be precise the error actually said HP.exe is not responding and needs to close. I have had similar errors before and the link shows next to the error, it shows another file called Mod name: …dll (for example).

As I stated the file I searched for, the DLL file, didn’t show up on the windows search results. So I deleted the game (uninstalled) the re-installed the game.

That error then went away and the game would load up the main screen where you click Play, start game etc. Now when I click Play, the game begins to load as it loads the first harry potter splash screen, then it just stops and the computer acts like nothing was meant to happen. Basically, the computer just goes back to normal opperation.

I emailed EA-Games and they gave me a long winded absolutely bull explanation about checking my anti virus programs and firewalls, boy, oh, boy, don’t they think I would have checked that already, but it is not.

I have a few different programs on my computer for added security, but they are not blocking the game. So I have a game that will install, but not play.

Also, as EB-Games has a 7 day limit to return games or exchange them, the fact I have had it for around 1 month, denies me the right to get it exchanged.

So what do I do from now, I urgently need your help, I do not know what to do from here and I hope one of you will have some kind of suggestion to help me. thanks and sorry for the long question.

Thank you very much and have a Great day. Alison Black.

First would be to tell us your computer specs and O/S your using. Are you sure your O/S hotfixes and patches are uptodate? Also instead of searching on your computer for a DLL you won’t ever find did you try to search on the net as well? Put this way if your computer didn’t find the dll on you computer searching won’t find it. A logical reason-you can’t find a file or data that isn’t there. To be more precise a screen shot or all the text what it says goes a long way to be more helpful for the rest of us. Did you make sure you downloaded the updates to the game prior to playing the game? That should be something one does first before even playing a installed game. Download the updates ahead of time and then after game install - install the updates then start the game.