Problem with The Fog

I have a strange problem with this movie. I use anydvd with dvdshrink. I can rip without any problem. No error. But when i try to read the dvd with a real dvd player. Doesn’t work. I try 2 different reader. 4 different banlk dvd. I did a re-author 100% with only 2 languages.

The movie start at 00:00 freeze a time… goes at 00:01 very slow and after 2 minutes the movie came back to the normal.

On my another player the problem is not the same. Start at 00:00 but at 00:15 the player jump to chapter 2.

The same 4 dvd in my pc are ok. The .iso with deamon tool is ok.

Do you already have a problem like that or any idea ?


Try this thread

AnyDVD is not handling the latest Sony protection by itself yet.
You need to use VOBBlanker

This guide comes with George Lucas (or a clone of GL) and 3 ILI staff to help and a free request for more if needed :bigsmile:

it is posted by many here use clonedvd2 to rip
if you do not have clonedvd2
start anydvd and just copy contents of your dvd disk using windows to your hard drive
ie right click drag VIDEO_TS folder to your hard drive
it will take the same amount of time ie about 15 mins
then you can use dvd shrink on the HDD copy to re-author

Thank tou, i’ll check that!

this is a false statement that it can’t handle sony protection by itself. the problem is with anydvd in conjunction with dvd shrink on the newest titles.

anydvd will handle the protections just fine if you don’t use antiquated software that is unsupported and hasn’t had an update in FOREVER.

if you use anydvd and clonedvd2 you shouldn’t have a problem.

you can also try using anydvd to copy and paste to hard drive, ru nthrough vobblanker, then load into shrink, but that’s adding steps (and time) to something that can be completed in one shot with anydvd and clonedvd2.

“The Fog” — AnyDVD, CloneDVD 2---- no sweat, no problems, perfect backup…

I tried Clonedvd2… Problem disapears :slight_smile: shrinkdvd was in the fog lollll

Thank you!

My statement, in the AnyDVD forum, is true. AnyDVD alone does not remove all the protected sectors. I do not like CloneDVD2 and therefore do not use it. This is not the CloneDVD2 forum and the problem has nothing to do with DVD Shrink, which I do not use. FYI, I use DVD rebuilder for my reduction needs which will not work with just AnyDVD and copying to the hard drive right now because AnyDVD is not removing all the protected sectors.

No problem here. WS US Version

Step 1: Rip to hard drive.

Step 2: Watch DVD Shrink and Nero Recode work like magic!

Seriously folks, it has to do with Shrink/Recode’s “sector read” routines, which behave in wonky unpredictable ways that AnyDVD doesn’t cope with well. James fixes it (again) in every other release of AnyDVD.

It’s funny how some ppl come to this forum when they have trouble, seemingly blaming AnyDVD for their troubles. In some cases I can understand, but to be perfectly honest, AnyDVD has never given me trouble as far as removing the protections from a DVD, therefor AnyDVD is usually not the culprit, the problem does exist in other applications. As Gurm mentioned above, ripping to the harddrive first does work, more people should try it, I’m sure they’d like the results. The people that have problems should research it before rushing to judgement. Hopefully everyone has a good day, and may all backups be good ones.

how did you conclude that anydvd does not remove all sector errors?
did you run any protection detection scans of the rips?
did I hear you rite?
I think you just pulled this statement out of your youknowwhat

anydvd DOES remove all protections. it’s the structure that dvd shrink/recode and apparently rebuilder doesn’t like.

if anydvd didn’t remove ALL protection then it would be completely useless to use with clonedvd2 as clone does NOT have any protection removal capabilities at ALL.

exactly right
when people come and make assinine and wrong statements
then this causes more confusion

exactly. if anydvd doesn’t work for some people with some programs and you find another way around it, that’s FINE. Just don’t make blanket statements and assume you know what you’re talking about when what you’re saying is absolutely false. These thoughtless statements just cause more problems, especially for new posters still trying to understand what all of the programs do and how they work.

you are always right
btw I am trying to be mellow in my replies to assinine statements

It would be in everyone’s interest to use current, useful programs and not continue to “cling” to outdated ones that date almost back to the days of DOS as though it were a “blankie”…

yes actually I did many different things before singling out AnyDVD.
That is the problem with this forum. To much fanboy about AnyDVD. I like AnyDVD but when it is not doing something right I am going to try to find out why. It’s not removing all the protected sector, period. Here is the error message from PgcEdit.
error loading NAV pack from
“F:\Rebuilder Output\DVDFILES\VIDEO_TS\VTS_01_1.VOB”
sector 64 (in file):
May be a ARccOS protection sector skipped by a DVD ripper.

Skip remaining ‘Bad Nav Pack’ error messages for the current domain?"

This is not a singular event and I am not using outdated software, just not the preferred AnyDVD CloneDVD2 match up.
I have not had time to actually rip files with CloneDVD2 to see if it actually is eliminating the sectors being skipped by AnyDVD but they are being skipped and it screws up both DVD Rebuilder and PgcEdit.
I did not keep the log from vob blanker but what unreferenced sectors were eliminated if AnyDVD had eliminated them all? It is a great program and well worth the money but that does not make it constantly perfect.
So stop talking out of your ass and actually check how many problems these latest Sony movies are creating and maybe there is an unsolved problem.
Sorry I tried to help!!!


i’m not by any means saying that anydvd is perfect because it isn’t, but it isn’t flawed in teh way that you say it is. if what you say is true…that it doesn’t entirely eliminate the protection, then there’s no way I should be able to back up any recent sony using anydvd and cloendvd2 since CloneDVD DOES NOT HAVE ANY DECRYPTING COMPONENTS.

I believe you that anydvd doens’t work for what you’re doing with your combination of programs, but it’s not for the reasons you say it is.