Problem with the End of the DL DVDs

For my last 4 DVDs its all good untill the end when the video will start to freez. I used both DVDFab Decrypter or DVD Decrypter and ImgBurn.

Please help

what type of dvd’s? brand?

how fast did u burn them?

what is your dvd writer model?

normally that means it has been burned to fast or could be that the quality of the media is not good

I think I fund the problem, it was the HD.

brand ____FUJIFLM and Memorex

how fast did u burn them____ 2.4x

what is your dvd writer model ____ LG GSA-4167B?

What type of dvd’s? meaning the MID code. IE Ritek,Ricoh,MCC etc.

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FUJIFLM and Memorex

Mosts likely Ricoh and Ritek but double check with the MID with dvd decrypter, look in the info window it will tell you.

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FUJIFLM :Ritek-D01-01
Memorex: Ritek-D01-01

How fast is it to burn them??

If you look through these forums most people will tell you to used only verbatim for DL media burning. Why? because they are consistant on there quality. The problem with Ritek is that it can be hit and miss with the quality. So it’s something to take into consideration when purchasing DL media.

Your media should have a max burning speed on them 2.4x to ???.

I would bet that it’s the media at fault here.

You could try updating your firmware.
Try a faster speed IE 6x maybe 8x depends on what your media is rated for.

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I would bet that it’s the media at fault here.