Problem With The End Of Movie

Ok so i’m new to the whole DVD copy stuff so please bare with me. I have DVDCOPY2 and AnyDVD i can burn the whole movie no problem but at the very end it skips till it freezes and than shuts off every single movie I burn does that exxcept one that is kinda short if that helps any maybe an Hour and a Half long. I’ll try to give you info on what i’m using tell me if it is wrong. The dvd’s are DVD-R’s Manufactured by PRINCO? Are these good cuz they were free so i dunno? 4.38 GB is its max blank compacity? My burner is LITE-ON DVDRW SOHW-8125 it is burning on X2 speed. I also have DVD SHrink 3.1 and DVD Decrypter . If any info is further needed let me know how to get it and i’ll find out. THANKS SO MUCH!

Personally my opinion on princo is :Z
I’d try some other media brands like Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim.

So i mean i have one good movie out of like the 12 i burned? I just cahnged my Burner so it would enable DMA would that change anything?

Generally it would be recommended to have dma enabled, but like i said if everything is workin fine with burning just change to another better brand and you should be lucky with them.

Ok so its most definatly the Media cuz i’m cheap and i dont want to spend all this money and find i have other problems? are princos really bad or are they just not the best? thanks for the help by the way

Both! :wink:

I think you mean a liteon 812s burner had one myself for a while these burners are
good burners on +r media average on -r media change your media and burn at 4x
and you should have no problems go to the liteon forum and download codekings firmware for this burner and you can turn it into a dual layer burner
good luck

Ok sorry but can someone give me a link or something to download this codeking firmware? Anyone? And like if it isn’t any trouble can someone tell me what that does and how to install it to my burner?
Thanks Again

@ MCRRcoker,

Suggest visiting the CD Freaks Lite-On/Sony DVD Burner Forum (

When visiting the CD Freaks Lite-On/Sony DVD Burner view the “Read First” posting in the beginning of the Forum, which will provide you with all the information you will need to acquire the firmware and instructions on how to flash your DVD Burner.

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Ok sorry i’m just really confused i downloaded the OmniPatcher so what do i do now? i want to do the Multi-layer thing that guy is talking about so can some one kinda walk me through it THANKS SO MUCH GUYS

Please will someone help me i’m super frustrated i dont want to mess up my burner so im looking for some advice PLease Help Thanks

go here and read the cross flashing procedure it is quite clear basically you will crossflash your drive to an 832s with an unscrambled firmware you then flash to code kings updated 832s firmware ensure you select auto bitsetting on omnipatcher if you are still unsure pm me to what stage you are at

Read this

hope this helps