Problem with "the critic" box

I use shrink to compress and dvdd to burn with anydvd5411 in the back ground. it finishes and says its succsesful, but it gets hung up when trying to cue up the episodes. you hit “play all” the fbi logo comes up then the screen goes black and you see the timer go 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 01, 02…over and over again while the screen goes black, this happened on all three discs, anyone know why? has anyone backed this up sucsessfully? if so how? I just made three coasters. BTW I am using those OEM Verbatims from newegg I burned two discs at 8x and because the first one I tried didnt work, I burned the third disc at 4x and it doesnt work either, same problem…

figured it out, nevermind.

Perhaps you could share with everyone what you did to overcome the problem.



well it seemed if I left all the captions in it worked, if you take them all out it gets stuck and wont play any of the episodes, why I dont know.