Problem with tdk -r media

i bought a few tdk -r media with the coding of ttg02 when i insert them on my benq 1620 it either says no cd and led switchs off or they are recognized as authoring dvd’s or even mmc004 on occasions from time to timr it does recognized them wht they are(ttg02) but when i try to burn them nero will spit them out saying recording failure just after caching the files
i’m using b7u9 and i tried b7t9 but same thing :confused: :confused: :confused:

You are not the only one pitogiros… And I can ensure you, there is nothing wrong with your drive, it’s just this TDK media.

I also had problems but I have been tad more lucky, I finally got these discs to “burn”. Some of the worse burns I ever had. Nogo past 3.5GB mark no matter what drive or firmware I used.
Out of ten discs I only managed to burn one with acceptable result with write strategy swap.

My first and also last TDK-R 8x media ever. :a

After several emails to;, I finally got in touch with one technicians with knowledge about DVD media…

Dear pitogiros:

As I know, not all the 8x DVD-R TTG02 disc is bad, some are good because they have good FE signal around 4.0G else they have terrible FE signal at outter track and you need to use Pioneer drive to write these disc(Pioneer is the king of DVD-R/RW).

i burned a lot of TDK’s recently.

My 2 cents:
Workin good on 8X with B7T9.
Workin great on 4X with B7T9.
Just bad on B7U9 !

One of the rare cases, where the technicians fucked up :bigsmile: !

pitogiros, what power supply are you using?

Fortunately my drive can burn TTG02 very well. :slight_smile: However only @8x. :sad: