Problem with TDK CD-Rs 700 Mo and Lite on 40125W 40-12-48


I have a big problem with my Lite on 48125W (in fact a 40125W with the vs02.bin firmware )

My Lite On is unable to burn correctely TDK CD-R 700 Mo “d-view” ( blue colour for the surface)

With Nero at 4x, 8x or 12x speed the burner give me an unreadable CD-R if I use this TDK CD-R 700 Mo “d-view”

the TDK CD-R is unreadable with my Lite On and with Sony DVD-ROM player :frowning:

But with another brand ( Verbatim, BASF, Vivastar) all CD-R are correct after burning,

Only the TDK CD-R give me problem with my LiteOn,

Do you think that Liteon 40125W/48125W is compatible with TDK’s CDr ?

Because with a traxdata 4x-4x-24x burner I can easily burn this TDK CD-R !!

Here the cover for this TDK CD-R 700 Mo:

if it’s TDK made by TDK and blue = crap at all speeds.

if it’s TDK made by ritek and blue they should be ok up to 20X speed…

in fact there are 2 type of TDK CD-R:

-> TDK CD-R “D-View” type 74 and 80 min, these CD-R are totally incompatible with the Liteon burner ( 32125W, 40125S/W, 48125W)

I 'm sure now because some of my friend have exactly this problem ( they can burn this TDK “D-view” but it give an unreadable CD-R )

->TDK CD-R “Reflex” type 74 and 80 min, these CD-R are good, no problem

here the cover for TDK “Reflex” model:

and also:

It’s maybe a problem in Liteon firmwares, a bad database for the CD-R, because with a traxdata burner 4-4-24 TDK “D-view” CD-Rs work great…