Problem with Tape To DVD Audio



Hi I am a big wrestling fan and am transferring my VHS tapes to DVD. Now I have a question so far I transferred 10 tapes and mostly pretty good. But WM 5 and WM 6 are originals I have. They copied and good picture quality but the sound is messed up. Why does the sound play like a tractor noise in the background and it seems like the audio jumps around from lower to louder. like maybe something to do with stero. The DVD recorder I use is Liteon and the blank DVD is memorex DVD R+. Can I fix the sound even though it is finalized. Please help me.


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Yes you can un-finalize the disk, and what type of Tractor dose it sound like??? I have seen the same problem posted a few times and If you use search should find some answers :slight_smile:


The two other threads have been removed (received no answer). While cross-posting may seem like a handy way of trying to get a quicker answer, some users may not feel happy answering an issue in one thread, not realising that there may be already a good answer given in the other thread.

From what I would imagine, the noise is either coming from a poor cable/connection or the source VHS tape itself. If the sound on the tape does flutter or have background noise, this will be present in the re-recording. I would recommend playing back the original tape through the problematic scenes to see if this is the case. On the other hand, if the source tape sounds fine, check to make sure the cables are firmly pushed in or try a different cable. A continuous hum in the audio usually indicates that the cable has poor shielding and is picking the AC line sound. This can be checked by playing the VHS tape through your Lite-On to the TV, wiggling the connections and moving the cable about to see if this affects the audio. Finally, make sure the AV cable is not placed along any power cables.

The DVD media you use will have no impact on the audio or picture quality, unless it is poor to the point where the DVD player has problems playing it back, in which case both the picture and sound would start breaking up. Unfortunately, there is no way to correct the audio on a finalised DVD+R (or DVD-R) recording as these discs are “write-once”, much like a print out on paper. I would suggest getting a hold of a DVD+RW or DVD-RW disc to try making test recordings when trying to rectify the problem as these discs can be erased or overwritten later like a VHS tape.