Problem with Taiyo Yuden DVD Meida



I’ve noted in a couple of other threads that I’ve had bad batches of TY media. Silver top and printable from one vendor.

So I decided to go with another Vendor. They assured me their product comes directly from Microboards, and a quick call to Microboards conformed this. (The product channel in the USA is Taiyo Yuden to Microboards to local vendor)

This batch of 300 printables all have what appears to be overspray on the bottom of the disc, mostly around the outer edge. It’s not dust or dirt, it doesn’t wipe/blow off. It is in the dye layer. The same problem with the previous vendor.

Taiyo Yuden says they have never heard of this and asked me to ship them some for inspection. So I fedex’d 100 to them.

Any other TY users noticed this problem lately?

These are 4x DVD-R btw


Originally posted by disturbed1
Taiyo Yuden says they have never heard of this and asked me to ship them some for inspection.

I guess even the best makes mistakes. But what sets them apart is that they’ll take responsibility & try to do something, whereas Princo would probably be like, “huh? oh, sorry, too bad” :wink:


Do you have a photo of it? I’m not quite sure what you mean by “overspray”.

A few weeks back I posted an inquiry asking anyone if they saw something I noticed about some discs I bought. It looked like excess epoxy dripping around the edges (with photo):

When you referred to your problem using the terms “overspray”, “dye layer”, and “close to the edges” I thought maybe you were seeing the same thing but I wasn’t sure…

BTW, I recently bought some TY 4x DVD-Rs too and saw the same thing, although to a lesser extent.


Scanning doesn’t show it that well.

Take a squirt bottle, or some hairspray, and spray it on the dye layer of the disc.

That’s what it looks like. Specs

The top 15 are completely unusable. The middle 15-20 are alright, but not nearly perfect, and the bottom are the same as the top.

It’s like that from 2 different vendors, and 6 different cake boxes. There is a slight overglue problem around the edges, but it isn’t anything different from all the bulk TYs I’ve used.


Hmm… OK, that’s different from what I saw on my discs. You’re seeing something on the surface itself and not the edges.

When you say “dye layer”, do you mean that it’s actually in between the two substrates so that it can’t be scraped off?

I saw a posting in the media tests forum with some comments about some foreign material found on a brand which used to be very good
The comments also say that it couldn’t be removed and that it was found close to the outer edge. Dunno if that’s the same thing as what you’re seeing.

When I get home tonight, I’ll look through my recent TY purchase to see if I see anything like your photo.

Please post what you hear back from TY as I’m extremely curious myself.

Edit/Update: I have a 50ct spindle of TY DVD+R and DVD-R’s and just went through each one. I didn’t find any such defect. Most likely I’ll be buying more in the future, and if I do find anything like this, I’ll let you know. Please keep us posted!..


Well, I got some more cake boxes today, and only the top 2 in each cake had this problem.

After talking with Taiyo Yuden some more today and yesterday, and my vendor, it seems it was an over glueing problem. My defective discs were replaced without any questions.

The silver tops don’t have any problems, it’s only the inkjet printable. Perhaps the extra glue attached some of the printable surface to the disc.


OK, that makes sense. I bought silvertops so that would be consistent with not seeing it on my end. Thanks…