Problem with Syriana copy

Using AnyDVD 6011 & CloneDVd 2898 and movie copies great but without written captions when speaking arabic or whatever language is spoken as it does when I play the original disc. I have copied disc in it’s entirety without eliminating anything - Clone is set on all defaults - When I play original on my puter and 3 different players it shows captions but does not show captions when previewing it with clone or shrink. I just downloaded version 2899 but did not burn another disc because it doesn’t show captions - just don’t want to waste another disc until sure of correct way - anyone have luck with clone doing a copy

You will most likely find that one of the available subtitles options is the one that pops in and out for segments of the movie. I seem to recall a similar issue with “Once Upon A Time In Mexico”. Experiment to find which subtitle entry is the right one. It sounds like the original dvd is defaulting to that subtitle - so you should be able to run the original and see which subtitle is activated automatically - and choose it when using your backup copy.
If you use DVDShrink in re-author mode, you can force whatever subtitle you want to be the default when the backup is played. Unfortunately you lose menus when using DVDShrink in re-author mode.

Rich86 - went back and checked everything on the left hand side (Title 1 thru Title 13)of CloneDVD2 to make it positive (it all was - checked negative or minus as default I guess) and subtitles came up as original disc. I don’t know if all should be + checked normally but will see what happens next time I make a copy of anything. I guessed wrong when I thought that copying a complete disc without removing anything that it would be just like the original. I have never touched anything on the left hand side.

Alsie - i am having the exact same problem. Can you please clarify what you did to get it to work? I don’t understand the part of your response that indicates you made each title “Positive”. I’ve selected & copied several different ways: 1) Just Title 1 (the main movie) with only English subtitles; 2) Title 1 with ALL subtitles; and 3) ALL Titles (selected all 13 titles) with all subtitles. None of them work —the movie works fine but the english captions don’t show on the copy (yet they do on my original). Thx.

This happens with both of the Kill Bill movies and one of the original Star Wars movies as well. The disc has two sets of English subtitles - one subtitles the entire movie, the other just the foreign language parts. As stated above, you have to determine which is the correct subtitle, and make your backup using that.

When you play your backup (unless you use Shrink or some program that can specify what is the default subtitle) the movie will default to NO subtitles. To activate them use your remote and select the correct subtitle track. That should work.

dkaivani - when you open clonedvd2 and output method screen on the left hand side of the screen says DVD configuration you change the minus to a plus on all titles - this put the(streams) subtitles as meant on the copy - sorry about being untimely to your question.
answer back fron Sly was "If you are not sure which are needed and which may be not needed, select
all streams to be copied and activate “preserve menus”.
hope this helps

alsie, i think where you’re confusing people is that there are no minuses and pluses on clonedvd2…there are checkmarks and empty checkboxes.

if everything is checked then everything is included and you can use the menu or your remote to choose what is correct once you’ve burned the title.

reason - disagree with you - there are minus’s and you can change them to plus’s on last screen before you go to screen to burn- at least the newest version I have has it(boxes are not empty as you state but have a minus in them) - sreen on top says “DVD configuration” and below I think the default boxes have a minus in them but you can click on them and change to a plus which game me what the original dvd plays.

can you post a screenshot?

the only place that there are pluses and minuses are ON the burning screen and these have nothing to do with any setting at all. those simply expand and collapse the structure that you’re burning for your own reference purposes (ie what titlesets and audio tracks you’ve PREVIOUSLY selected)

expanding and collapsing that directory does not affect anything that is or is not included on the burn. it just shows you what you’ve selected in the previous screens.

reason - don’t know how to copy to screen but your right that it collapses it but previously copied everything without unchecking anything on Syriana and I mean everything to do the disc in its entireity but it didn’t do it properly and it did not have subtitles that automaticly come with viewing the flick until I collapsed or checked those boxes. If thats a fluke it’s a fluke. You try copying it and see what happens -

it IS a fluke…that screen has absolutely nothing to do with your selections. it just summarizes your selections so you can review them before you begin burning.

Syriana R1 widescreen has a number of subtitle options.
Sub-Title option number 4 is English - which displays only when arabic dialog is spoken. That is the subtitle option the original dvd defaults to.
I do not know how to force CloneDVD2 to default to this particular subtitle option. It is very easy to accomplish this in DVDShrink.
If you are using CloneDVD2 to backup your dvd of this title in its entirety, I suggest you make a practice of going into the subtitles menu on your player when you play this backup dvd and select the 2nd english subtitle options (actually subtitles #4 on the original R1 dvd) before choosing “play” in the title menu.
Or - backup this title with DVDShrink in Reauthor mode and simply force it to default to the correct subtitle option.

That’s correct Rich, you cannot set that option in CloneDVD2. You can, however, copy the DVD to “files” on your HD with CloneDVD2 and edit the IFOs with PgcEdit to set a default subtitle. Then use Clone to burn the files to DVD.

It’s a few extra steps, but once you do it once it’ll take you all of 30 seconds the next time.

Just using DVDShrink seems less trouble, and then you get somewhat superior transcoding via deep analysis of this fairly large title also.
But to each his own . . .

hello, i cant copy syriana, try clonedvd2 (last version), dvdfab(last version) and dvdshrink, dvddecryper… i have anydvd and dvdregionfree but error is the dvd disc :a i donw know what protection is but i dont like, i can play in power dvd until 1:04:35…the problem start from the scene 17
in the clone dvd the same problem in the preview, i see the picture until 1:04:35
and dvdshrink too, i see and hear sound but from the scene 17 i hear the sound clipped and i can’t see the picture. help me please :sad:

if your original exhibits this problem then there is a problem with your disc and you need to exchange it. you can’t expect to make a working copy when the original doesn’t work.

i live in central america the dvd is region 4…maybe apply other protection?
in my home’s dvd the movie plays good… but not in my dvdwriters (NEC and Lite-on) and appear the same error, the DVD disc is in perfect condition, no problem in my home… help me please. :confused:

probably a scratch on the disk. dvd players are much less picky than dvd burners. region shouldnt matter…

I assume there is an authoring error on the NTSC R4 version of this disc. From what I have heard it looks like the CSS key changes on the second layer. This is against the DVD specification and it may not play correctly in some players.
Unfortunately I don’t have the disc myself to check and it is a little hard to get (or is there Amazon in Mexico?).
It might be possible modify AnyDVD to have a workaround for this kind of authoring error, but it is not trivial and wouldn’t make sense for only one title.
There was a similar defective “Alien” disc (R2 German) and 20th Century Fox replaced all these discs.
You should ask Warner for a replacement disc. If it does not play in your PC, it is defective.
Try to play it with AnyDVD disabled just to make sure, that it is not AnyDVD’s fault. Try to play the last chapter of the movie, if I am not mistaken the picture will be scrambled. The first chapter(s) should play fine.

In this case it does. :wink: