Problem with super troopers

yep i’m a newbee and i am having trouble burning super troopers, now i have the lastest ver. of dvd fab but no dice can anyone help with my small problem?

With that description, it’s doubtful.

Is the disc dirty/scratched? That’s a good thing to check first.

are you having trouble burning or ripping the disc…important difference

i,m having trouble putting it on my hard drive. i even tried anydvd with it (21 day trial) but dvd fab starts out but just freezes up. it might be a bad disk, but i have ripped ones in worse shape before. has this movie been a pain in the ass for anyone else in the past? thanks for the help guys…

with anydvd on just drag and drop the videots folder from the disc to your desk top and then try to burn

DVD Decrypter or DVD Shrink should both be able to rip the movie with no problems, if you still have problems then there is something wrong with your disc.