Problem with subs

ok i got this serious problem with the subs…
i’m usind ConvertXtoDVD 2.1.5
and i can’t turn the subs off!!!
i add the .avi and then add the subs and everything is just fine it recognizes the languages the subs are in everyting perfect. burning goes just smooth but when i play the dvd the subs are already there. and if i want to turn them off i can’t… the last sub stays there… i really don’t know what to do! plz help me i’m a total noob at this kind of stuff :S

thks in advance! :wink:

Turning subtitles off and on is totally done by DVD player.
Conversion has nothing to do with it, unless you originally had subtitles burned in to movie.

well but that also happens when i put the dvd in my laptop… i use windows media player classic and i can’t tunn them off there too!

great i just used vlc to play the dvd and it works fine… i can disable the subs there.
so i guess the problem is how convertxtodvd converts the subs into the dvd cause none of my standalone dvdplayers can disable them nor can media player classic…
maybe you should take this into concideration for the next version… :wink:
thks anyway!

Hi there,

Please try the latest v2.1.7 Non-Public which the subtitle support has be re-written from stratch !

See if it fixes all your issues !

thks i’ll see if it fixes my problem and i’ll let you know if it worked… :wink:

uh… now i get a problem error by the time he wants to add the subs… like the program starts enconding but by the first frame contaning subs the program shows an error as freezes… but with 2.1.5 that doesn’t happen! :S so i don’t know whats wrong…
oh and i have another question concerning subs… where do i edit the subs delay?
thks again! :wink:

Hi there,

v2.1.8 has been released:

I don’t deal alot with subs, but all I know, is your Subtitle files FPS should match your input file, if you wish for them to stay in sync (Right people ?)

Is your .AVI is 25fps your subtitle files should be set for 25fps.

Anyone else have more details, comments to help him ?

First, you need to test your subtitle with the video file you want to use. For that, get a decent video player (WMP isn’t one) that supports subtitle (JetAudio, BSPlayer, Media Player Classic, VLC) and test if the sub is in sync.

Ok, now both are OK. Then you add them to ConvertXtoDVD, set the language of them, and convert.

Let’s see as an example that your dvd has 2 subs (one in english, another in spanish). So, when you press the subtitle button in your remote controller, you should have 3 options (English, Spanish and Disabled). If you don’t have this, it’s probably your dvd player that doesn’t like subs.

Try the disc in other players and see if it works.

i don’t like wmp anyway… i use media player classic. and now the funny thing is that if i play the avi file and load the subs everything goes pretty smooth i would say
but if i conver.t both the file and sub into dvd format with convertxtodvd i can’t disable them…
cause i’ve previewed the movie with media player classic before burning to dvd and the error is still there… but if i play those same files on vlc i can toggle the subs on and off so i might guess the problem is somewhere in the enconding part since media player classic is unable to switch the subs off after encoding…
thks for all the help anyway!

Check Media Player Classic settings, from main window:

View - Options - Filters - Mpeg Decoder

There is a setting to force those subs on. Deselect that and try again.