Problem with Structure Protection in

DVDFab Platinum reports the folowing for Evan Almighty R1:

Structure protection (ARccOS, RipGuard, etc.) is removed!
1 potential bad sector protections are removed!

The problem is Evan Almighty R1 has no Structure protection. This is a false positive.

Hi CDRipper,

DVDFab can only detect if there is unplayable content, if there is, it may contain the protection.

DVDFab cannot know if it’s really a protection without reading it, but if DVDFab read it, it may cause failure.

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Hello fengtao,

Could you clarify this statement? I couldn’t understand what you are saying here. However, I can confirm that I received the same “false positive” that cdripper did. According to AnyDVD and (which now has AI, similar to your pathplayer technology), and also DVD Decrypter, there are only “invalid VOBUs” present. DVD Decrypter alone cleaned this up nicely when making a .ISO/.MDS image. Does DVDFab lump “invalid VOBUs” into the “structure protection” category? I thought that was reserved just for ARCOSS, Ripguard, etc… Meanwhile the other utilities seem to keep this simple protection in a separate category. However, even if you are lumping the “invalid VOBUs” into the structure protection category, the bad sector report DOES seem to be a false positive. DVD Decrypter would have otherwise choked on a true bad sector without a “protected sector list” file for it to work with.

Recommend you separate invalid VOBUs in the report, since the user can choose to just use DVD Decrypter to make a nice image file if that’s all it has. It continues to handle this simple protection without issue.


Hi fordman,

I think DVDFab is correct to detect unplayable sectors, which may contain unreadable sectors. We don’t use “Invalid VOBUs” as flag to determine bad sectors, and we will add “Invalid VOBUs” into “Info” in future release.

Please send us all the .IFO files on Original disc, then we will check it.

How to send us correct IFO files?

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I was curious about this too. IFOs sent.

You beat me to it - Thanks, signals!

Thought your were offline. Not trying to hijack.:slight_smile:

No, it was perfect - I have the disc at home, but I’m at my girlfriend’s, so there would have been a delay for me to do it anyway!

Thanks again.

Hi signals,

IFO got, thanks!

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Dear all,

Could someone post the INFO of this disc? Thanks.

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Hi Fengtao, here it is:

Info for drive [D:] (DVDFab Platinum
Drive region: 1

Disc type: Video DVD
Disc region: 1
Volume name: EVAN_ALMIGHTY
Video standard: NTSC
Layer 0 size: 2029072 sectors (3963 MBytes)
Layer 1 size: 2029072 sectors (3963 MBytes)

CSS (Content Scramble System) protection is removed!
RC (Region Code) protection is removed!
RCE (Region Code Enhancement) protection is not found.
APS (Analog Protection System) protection is not found.
UOPs (User Operation Prohobitions) protection is removed!
Structure protection (ARccOS, RipGuard, etc.) is removed!
Fake vts protection is not found!
1 potential bad sector protections are removed!

PathPlayer is disabled.

/EDIT/I have PathPlayer in the “when needed” mode, cache disabled.


This disc has an “interactive” game that uses title 18, with 93 chapters. I played the game. It does not use content from the main movie. I lost.:frowning:


How about an update so that the save IFO function also automatically creates a text file with the disc info in it as well?

It might make your life a lot easier.


Hi Wombler,

What a good suggestion! I’ll add it in next version, thanks!

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So, what do you have to do in order to copy this movie?

There’s nothing special about ripping this flick…ie., it has no RipGuard or ARccOS. I created a bkup no problem R1, platinum v., customize, movie title only, no menus.
Even shrink will rip this movie.
If you’re having trouble, disable PathPlayer and try to rip again. Pathplayer should auto disable when not needed, but this was just added by Fengtao.
If you still have a problem, I suspect you may have a bad source disc.
In any case, post back with some details and we’ll help you out.

No problem. I’m very glad to help.

Especially after all the work you guys put in.

It’s nice to know I come up with the odd good idea every once in a while though. :slight_smile:


OK, I’m back! Still having problems, but now DVDFAB is shutting down. I haven’t been able to get to the customizing part. It was having a “pop-up” about sending the disc information, but I’m not able to do so. Computer’s not set-up for that. Anyway, now it searchs for a little bit, and then it’s gone.

Did you disable PathPlayer as suggested?
Is this a new problem?..only with this movie and confined to v.
The devil’s in the details…we need some specifics to help.

Myself I would do a clean uninstall of DVDFAB using the instructions in Stormjumpers signature and then download the latest version and see if that will work, just a thought, I also backed up this movie R1 with no problems using