Problem with STD dvd playing on Hd-DVD- HELP



Hi, have searched the forums to no avail my problem is this when I burn my original DVD and play it on my Toshiba A1, it freezes and usually get pixilation warning before the Freeze. Using Verbatim +R have burned at the following speed 4 x, 8 x and 12 x and still have the problem.

Have the following software’s:

  1. DVDFab HD decrypter
  2. DVDFab HD decrypter 4
  3. Clone DVD 2
  4. Clone CD
  5. DVD FAB 4
  6. DvdNext Copy 2
  7. DVD shrink
  8. DVD Decrypter
  9. ImgBurn
  10. Nero 7
  11. Any Dvd
  12. Ulead Movie Factory 6

You would think that with all of these software I would be able to burn a descent copy so that it would play on my HD-DV player and have the latest firmware on the player and probably the last.

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance, if you guys don’t know the answer, who will


Make sure that the +R media is not book-typed to ROM, but left as +R.


Thanks for the fast reply.:bigsmile: will give it a shot, mow how do I do this? he, he.


It’s not a booktype problem if the DVD is able to be played at all (plus I don’t think that leaving the booktype as +R can increase compatibility in any situation). Do the DVDs play correctly in your computer? If they do, then the problem is likely that your DVD player is just very picky and that your burner might not be burning with high enough quality. What burner are you using?


It does play on my Oppo and WMP, my Burners are Lite On DVDRW-SOHW-1693S ATA Device and Samsung. TSScorp CDDVDW SH-S203B SCI CDRom Device.

Have tried every software and speed up to 12X on either burner and still have problems. using Vista if that matters.



Both of those drives are capable of quality scanning, so you should visit our LiteOn and/or Samsung subforums to learn how to do so. I’m fairly certain that the problem is with burn quality, although the S203B is currently regarded as one of the highest quality burners and the Verbatim media you’re using should be at least decent, so I’m not sure exactly why this would be the case.


Thanks for the info. Have one simple question previously belonged to this forum under user name believe Zapper but had a different e-mail address in which that crashed, it was under, is their a way to get back to that user name? it is no biggie just wondering.

On a 16X top speed media where do you set you burning speed, at 4X, 8x or what?

Thank you for your help and concern:bigsmile:


There’s a subforum titled “CD Freaks Forum Talk” where you might be able to ask about retrieving your old user name (you might have to provide proof that it belongs to you).

As far as burning speed goes, that really depends on the media itself, as the advertised burn speed isn’t always the advised burn speed. There are some 8x discs that are good at 16x, some 16x discs that shouldn’t be burned above 8x, and more. The most telling way to decide how fast to burn a disc (at least initially) is the Media ID, which identifies who actually manufactured the disc (which isn’t always the same as who packaged the disc) as well as the “version” of media it is (somewhat hard to explain, but will make more sense once you start looking into Media IDs).

After identifying the MID, you can look at burn quality scans posted by other users for the same MID to see how fast they’ve burned it and what kind of burn quality they’re getting. Then you can try burning your own discs at a comparable speed and then scanning them yourself to see what kind of quality you get, and adjust accordingly.


Thank You.